Aimee E. Berger, Ph.D.











In the Works...

I recently began work toward a graduate certificate in Public History at the University of Texas at Arlington, taking me one step closer to my dream of designing exhibits and educational programming in cultural history for the National Park Services :)

I finished a new short story titled, "Dolores" (and I might actually send it out, though I say that more than I do it). Here's the opening line: "Carrying a covered plate of macaroni and cheese, with hot dogs cut up in it and two packets of ketchup to squirt over the top, Dolores clocked in at 6 p.m. sharp."

Past News

In his October 11, 2009 column entitled, "Why Are We Invisible?" Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Stan Tiner, executive editor of the Sun Herald quoted extensively from "Covering (Up?) Katrina: Discursive Ambivalence in the Coverage of Hurricane Katrina," my 2007 essay, co-written with my dear friend, Kate Cochran. In my conversation with Stan, whose work on Katrina I have long admired, he told me our essay was one of the best written on the topic :)